A sneak preview of the installation “CLOSER” in full effect.

Under the shadow of the antenna RT-32 stands a interactive installation made of materials found in the abandoned town Irbene, Latvia. The installation can be seen as an organism where you are the heart. Transparency is a symbol for the people who lived here, who lost their privacy and sacredness.

We created the possibility for you to create your own individual sound and visuals. Inside the installation you will share your identity to the public.

Are you afraid to share your privacy?


Workshop “CLOSER”

Good work by these Latvian guys with MAX/MSP and the Kinect camera.

Workshop “Closer”

We experimented with some videomapping on our structure last night. Tonight you can see it in full effect. SIKED!

working on a strange structure..

working on a strange structure..

building an installation near the telescope.

Workshop “CLOSER” experiments

Controlling sounds with your body.



night-workshop while you we’re sleeping!

sleeping is for butjes

Landmark RT-32 workshop

Self Exposure

Today at Self Exposure workshop we made connection with Arduino-minicomputer and Flash!

So we were able to get images changing or balls moving in Flash by bending one Arduino-stick .

Sadly in the end of the day when I tryed to test it again, it didn’t work anymore. Don’t know why because everything is the same.. Lame. Hopefully some miracle will happen during the night and it will work again.



This place is cool



Landmark RT-32 _ WERC