working on a strange structure..

working on a strange structure..

building an installation near the telescope.


Workshop “CLOSER” experiments

Controlling sounds with your body.



night-workshop while you we’re sleeping!

sleeping is for butjes

Landmark RT-32 workshop

Self Exposure

Today at Self Exposure workshop we made connection with Arduino-minicomputer and Flash!

So we were able to get images changing or balls moving in Flash by bending one Arduino-stick .

Sadly in the end of the day when I tryed to test it again, it didn’t work anymore. Don’t know why because everything is the same.. Lame. Hopefully some miracle will happen during the night and it will work again.



This place is cool



Landmark RT-32 _ WERC

Self exposure

Self exposure

Today we found out what kind of presentation we will make, but it’s a secret, yet.

Text as the transformer of a story in photography

Text as the transformer of a story in photography

Our workshop is almost done, these are the final steps.

A small insight in the workshop “CLOSER”

a small impression of the workshop while we were making some awesome ideas.